Sunday, November 20, 2016

Record Stories. Make History this Thanksgiving.

Record Stories. Make History.

As we gather for the holidays, we make plans for family, friends, and fun. I can’t remember a family gathering that didn’t feature family stories new and old. This year is great opportunity to capture the stories of your family and local community.  You can use The Great Thanksgiving Listen as a guide.

The 2016 StoryCorps initiative, The Great Thanksgiving Listen is an effort to create an oral history of contemporary America.  To participate in The Great Thanksgiving Listen, you simply engage and interview elders the holiday seasons this year.   The Great Thanksgiving Listen has all the tools and tips to help you preserve the stories you hear. You can use tools you already have to participate. The StoryCorps website has advice for planning your interview. 

Ready to start planning your interview? Use this advice.

·       Person to Interview
·       Place to record interview
·       Device and application to record interview
·       Questions

·       Device and application to record interview 

·       Person to Interview

·       Include an introduction of yourself and subject in the interview
·       Share your recording with others who will enjoy the story

Looking for inspiration? Check out the recordings shared at StoryCorps in the 2015 Great Thanksgiving Listen.

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